2021 New Publications: Sebastian Buckup on "How Not to Let Another Crisis Go to Waste" (Global Policy Journal, May 2021) Some reflections on the perils faced by democracies in the wake of the pandemic:
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Debate on The Participatory Approach for the Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals with the contribution of Moira Faul. For more information, please visit​
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Dr. Lea Stadtler has published a new article on Scaling up Tripartite Social Partnerships!
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In addition to conducting our own research, the PPP Research Center seeks to serve as a hub and catalyst for PPP-related research projects and to provide a platform for academics, professionals, and practitioners to share know-how for managing PPPs. Given the current fragmentation of the PPP landscape, the Geneva PPP Research Center provides overviews of the latest insights into PPP tools, educational programs, and research activities in Geneva. Geneva hosts a multitude of international organisations that are promoting the strategic and pragmatic importance of PPPs. The PPP Research Center seeks to develop close links to organizations involved in PPPs and to PPP catalysts, such as the World Economic Forum. Community building activities • Annual PPP Forum • Relationship building with “international Geneva” • Convening experts
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The Center seeks to create much-needed links between research, practice, and education programs. For example, we have translated our research insights in a series of Case Studies for educational or training purposes. Further, we introduce PPP modules in Master and MBA programs for participants to benefit from the latest insights into PPP management and from an active exchange with professionals. Activities • Teaching on IOMBA • Knowledge management • Case study writing
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Print Email Print The First Geneva Partnership Forum Thursday, September 3, 2015 Welcoming about 50 partnership experts from a diverse set of companies, NGOS, and international organizations, the first Geneva Partnership Forum focused on leveraging cross-sector learning and on fostering capacity building for collaborative approaches for addressing complex societal challenges. Please have a look at the program and the list of participants. The event summary is available here. Context: Complex societal challenges related to poverty, education, health, and climate change for example, call for dynamic and innovative solutions. By bringing together multiple stakeholders to combine their strengths, public-private partnerships (PPPs) and other new forms of boundary-spanning collaboration have the potential to offer solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. Brokering, governing, and scaling up a successful partnership can, however, be challenging. The Forum: The first Geneva Partnership Forum will convene experts and practitioners who work on collaborations across a range of social and environmental issues to explore and discuss the process and content of successful partnerships. The Forum will encourage individuals from multinational corporations, international organizations, NGOs, and academia to think beyond their sectoral or thematic silos. Participants are encouraged to bring other stakeholders from their partnerships to contribute to a shared learning journey. The range of topics will include mobilizing change, creating suitable governance structures, capacity building, and scaling up impact. The general focus will be on how partnerships can be more efficient in resource use and effective in delivery. Vivid discussions, interactions, and learning will be encouraged among all participants, especially when splitting into topical workshops. Moreover, we will present the most practical insights of recent partnership research, give an overview of practical tools, and offer insights into how a PPP case study can provide learning opportunities. Format: The Forum will be run as an interactive laboratory over a full day. While it will include plenary sessions to share new ideas and latest trends, it will mostly comprise interactive workshops in which everyone can engage and share their thoughts and experiences. Outcomes: The Geneva Partnership Forum will be a celebration of cutting edge research, practical tools to managing partnerships, and real-life good practice. Participants will leave the Forum energized and with renewed inspiration. While the learnings and ideas exchanged at the Forum will be captured in a report, the biggest outcome will be the inspiration and learning from like-minded practitioners and thought leaders. Why Geneva? Geneva is a focal point of international co-operation: Approximately 35 International Organizations and more than 250 NGOs are based in Geneva, about 130 Multinational Companies have their headquarters in this city, and 170 foreign States are represented. With this range of stakeholders, Geneva has become an epicentre of partnership experience in Europe. Organizers: The first Geneva Partnership Forum is organized by The Geneva PPP Research Center of the Geneva School of Economics & Management and Constellate Global. Contact Information: For further details and any questions, please contact lea.stadtler(at) or randall(at)
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New interview with Gilbert Probst on Nation Branding and Partnerships podcast from WhartonKnows. Listen up here
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  • September 08, 2019
    The Evidence-based Thinking in Practice series is designed for professionals engaged in strategic planning, research management or production, and science-policy interface functions within the international community and private organizations in the Geneva region.
  • August 25, 2019
    The paper "Helping or Harming? Intermediary Structures to Facilitate Cross-Sector Collaboration" by L. Stadtler and O.Karakulak has been judged to be among the best accepted papers (top 10%) in the 2019 Academy of Management Meeting program. They are entitled to be published in the Best Paper Proceedings.